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This VBA-Macro was developed to automatically find duplicate items in Microsoft Office Outlook.
Those duplicates are created under certain circumstances. If the connection to your POP3-Server is cancelled after some e-mails are received while there are still remaining ones, you will get those items for the second time during the next receipt from your POP3. An other common reason for doublets is the synchronizing with your mobile device. After installing a new version of Microsoft ActiveSync the profile for your mobile device may got lost. After creating a new one, ActiveSync recombines the data from your mobile device with those from Outlook. Not all of the combined items are recognized by ActiveSync resulting in doublets.
OL LookForDuplicates helps you to identify duplicates and remove them from your data. It recognizes all types of items including appointments, tasks, e-mails, contacts and notes. It compares predefined properties of the items and lists those, which are suspected to have doublets. You can verify these duplicates manually and move them to the folder "Deleted Items" afterwards.

More information and downloads are available from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ol-lookfordups/

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Author: Meigel (meigel@users.sf.net)
Date: 2011-03-02 22:27